its beeen a while

oh i hate myself

i gained 20 pounds in like 3 months wtf

die right now.


nothing works

im a fat hog.

shoot me


please someone tell me how to starve again.

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i will

eat better today

i prolly put on ten pounds the past week or so


i cant control anything lately.


tomorrows a new day.


Its been like a week my tumblr is acting up.

i got really sick last week i thought i was better on wedsday then i started the atkins.

i ate soo many foods i havent eaten in so long, eggs,cheese, meat.

but im still sick i kinda think it has something to do with the diet now.

so im stopping tomorrow.

i dont think i lost any weight

i prolly gained my bodys not used to all this weird food. and no carbs

it also made me constipated for over a week now.

tomorrow i pray i feel better

annd my goal is to just stick with a low 400-600 cal diet.

ill eventually drop it lower ( i hope)


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well ive been sick the past 3 days.

flu sucks.


i weighed myself

its better then i thought.

i thought i was back up to 137

i need to lose weight fastttt

even with

my huge banana binge

i burn 487 calories

so my net is 481

today was gonna be 400 but oh darn

so i binged on


630 calories worth.


even tho the skinny girl diet says not to count fruit and veggies

i think this should count

would you guys count it??

starting tomorrow

starting tomorrow

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-8 cals fr the day

i love myfitnesspal!!